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  "The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics" - Galileo Galilei

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This interdisciplinary course for teens observes the inherent patterns of our world from 3 different perspectives; Symbolic, Practical and as we more commonly know it today... Theoretical. Through Euclidean (2D Plane) Geometry we will open the doors of the past to ancient civilizations, culture, and religions deepening our awareness of where and how geometry developed while investigating where we can go with it in the 21st century in fields such as Biomimicry, Biological Architecture, Molecular geometry, Quantum Physics and Noetic sciences....


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(Sacred Geometry: Art & Symbolism)

We will observe ancient symbols from around the world opening the doors to religions, ancient civilizations, art, and architecture.


(Sacred Geometry: Earth Measure & Formula)

Mathematics is simply the language of the universe and can be found in nature all around us through pattern. Once we see this, we can then understand that there are consistent and inherent principles in all shape that can be utilized to create an efficient and beautiful construction of our world structures!



(Sacred Geometry: Form & Function)

Here we explore geometry in nature, how geometry has been used in the past and how we can use it to contribute to the future of humanity through exciting new sciences in Biomimicry, Biological architecture, and Noetic science.


We will explore geometry from its discovery and application since antiquity and embrace its potential for the future.

Photo of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci from 1492 on textured background..jpg
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What does 21st century learning look like? Applying the industrial age (copy and paste) model of education to prepare our youth for the future is limiting our human potential.  We're rapidly coming upon an age where technology is penetrating all aspects of our lives. We have access to any question we have within seconds of asking, we don't even need to log- in anymore. We can have the formula for any measurement just by asking our smart speakers ... but how can we apply it?  Where is the world headed and how do we prepare our children to succeed and thrive in the future? Its in the "Ah ha" moments of divergent thinking. If we've got the facts covered (and understand where to obtain credible information) then what is it we are going to do with this info? Creativity allows children to explore and create freeing them up to make those connections off the beaten path. 

An interdisciplinary approach that incorporates project- based, hands-on, open- ended dialogue, and exploration with guidance in an environment where failure is seen as a "teacher" is a good place to start.  Learning how to make adjustments to the plan, to be aware and adapt has brought success to some of the most successful thinkers throughout time. We need to realize the myth that these great minds were born immune to making mistakes... yet the mistakes were experienced to teach something to the learner about their own unique path...


   Discussing as a collective, what the world problems are and allowing our youth to participate in the problem- solving process has far reaching potential. The connections our youth are making through social media are unstoppable! Our challenge as "guides" is to get them to focus on what part they want to play.

As far as education, I believe it's an exciting time to be living in! There are so many resources available to us to provide quality education designed to fit each individuals unique needs and talents. We just need to step over that threshold.. 

As an Educator in Geo-metry


"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."
                                  -Albert Einstein

We all have a story... often times one that we never would have been able to predict. Developing this geometry curriculum is no exception! 
My recent journey in academia propelled me to the forefront of 21st education. I was one of those creative, quiet students that learned after many years of self actualization, MANY years, that asking "why" is not combative, it's human nature and a trait that opens us up to possibilities. Having someone to discuss openly with me or lead me to discovery would have made the world a more harmonious place!! So when my children were faced not only with the same obstacles but suppression of character in the public school system, we took reigns and homeschooled leading us down some of the most life-changing, enriching, empowering roads to present day. Homeschooling for 9 years now, we've had access to a vast spectrum of approaches aimed to provide our children a quality education while addressing the whole child. This geometry curriculum is born out of the struggles of seeking answers, looking to understand mathematics' SYMBOLS and origins, and curiously seeking out the interconnectedness everywhere we possibly can!!! This is an exploratory class that will support discovery of self, and seek to inspire awareness of our interconnectedness to the dynamic world in which we all inhabit through...Geo-metry.


Her energy is calm and yet highly engaging.. the kids loved every moment of the class and learning how nature connects math to the natural beauty of the world, it can make it less daunting!

2020 Acton Academy Educator

 Thanks to Tiffany and her class, Sacred Geometry, I know what the Chladni plate is, and how it works.

The Chladni plate uses some sort of speaker, a board over the speaker, something that emits frequencies, and sand! After you set all of this up you turn on the frequency machine (connected to the speaker) .... Soon you’ll start to see geometric shapes! As you change the frequency the shape will change. 

But why does this happen? Let's start with sound. Sound is very important, sound emits frequency. Which creates a wave/vibration. That's why the type of music you listen to can greatly affect your mood. The shapes are made because of the gaps in the wavelengths .... called nodes.

Geometry Student

Tiffiany is an expert in her field. She is a teen whisperer, organizing deep hands- on learning experiences that not only fuel curiosity and wonder, but lead teens into research based explorations. I have seen children transform in her classes as they develop confidence in their intellect, observation skills and in making things, as well as seeing recognition of her student's work by leaders in the field.


 Catherine Fraise

 Workspace Education &

 Workspace Sky- Founder


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This beautiful, foundational course brings the mathematics of the universe to learners in a powerful, explorative, comprehensive and engaging way. The curriculum creatively interweaves the symbols, theory and practical applications of geometry, building critical qualitative and quantitative skills. I have worked with learners who have participated in this Sacred Geometry course and they are uniquely prepared for advanced mathematics. Thank you Tiffiany, for bringing us this gem." 
Jennie Defazio
Mathematics Educator

Radial Golden Arabic Ornament illustration or mandala.jpg

 Sacred Geometry:
Art & Symbolism

Art and symbolism
         In this 10-week course we will approach geometry through Symbols   creating an artistic manuscript full of ancient wisdom!
  • Deciphering ancient symbolism and modern logos
  • We will observe and construct ancient symbols and learn how to use a compass by dividing a circle revealing the birth of all shape  
  • Explore ancient and modern architecture from the Parthenon in Greece to structures in Washington D.C today 
  • We will observe ancient religions, civilizations, art and architecture
  • Study artists throughout time such as M.C Escher and Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Discuss ancient figures that influenced early geometry and their stories i.e Pythagoras' secret mathematical society and what their secret emblem was
  • We will look to the heavens to observe some planetary patterns making correlations to symbols and archetypes used to this day 
  • And begin to introduce some theory and practical application in art to better understand how 'Divine Proportion' was used by the ancients as well as the use of the 'Golden Caliper'
Photo of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci from 1492 on textured background..jpg
Anchor 1
         In this 10- week course we will approach geometry through the more traditional, theoretical/ abstract study with formula.
  • Formula and symbols used in geometry
  • Explore historical figures and their stories of how they came to discover the formula as well as influential figures from the ancient philosopher Thales to engineer Nikola Tesla 
  • Highlight how formula is actually so much easier to use by practicing some of the practical and imperfect ways of not using formula
Illustration of spiral arrangement in nature. Fibonacci pattern.jpg

 Sacred Geometry:
Earth measure & Formula

        Sacred Geometry:
     Form & Function

     In this 10- week course we will approach geometry through a more              practical perspective by:
  • Identifying form and function in nature 
  • Form and function of architecture and the geography of these unique structures 
  • Recognizing the principles behind forms
  • Observing scientist and architects such as Dr. Masaru Emoto and Buckminister Fuller
  • Discuss new sciences in Biomimicry, Biological architecture and Noetic Science. 
  • Exploring geometry of sound through Cymatics
  • Investigating molecular geometry
Chameleon spiral tail on black background, Furcifer pardalis Ambilobe - Panther chameleon.

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