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What We Do


 Perennial Gardens

Supporting the symbiotic relationship between plant and human through our senses.


     Symbiosis's deepest roots developed from within my family's gardening business, "Sunshine On My Shoulders" owned and operated by Theresa Barnhart Radachowsky in the late 1980's serving Westchester and Fairfield county & specializing in personalized estate perennial gardening. Observed from a young age, I witnessed how to bring life to a landscape through the designed progression of perennials orchestrating a sea of color in all seasons. I then extended my knowledge base of Horticulture within a prominent garden center in Patterson, NY where my passion of farming unexpectedly grew. The culture here provided observation of the interconnectedness of people living off the land & experiential learning of all things Horticulture. Extensive knowledge of plants including their Latin names, propagation, growing conditions, nutrient needs, and pest management developed here providing a hub of inquiry in this field and fodder on every conceivable plant inquiry from vegetables, annuals, perennials, fruits, water plants, as well as exposure to all walks of life looking to connect with their land. Symbiosis LLC designs through appreciating the unique beauty within each plant while respecting it's innate needs within the whole landscape ensuring a sustainable garden and habitat. 

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What we do



  • Site analysis with an emphasis on revitalizing your landscape to meet your needs. 


Landscape Design 

& Installation


  • CAD aided

  • Foundational 

  • Progressional Perennial Design

  • Spring bulb design

  • Seasonal Containers/ Window box Design

Seasonal Maintenance

  • Seasonal care of established shrubs & perennials

  • Soil conditioning

  • Mulching

  • Fertilizing

  • Pest Management

  • Transplanting 

  • Seasonal pruning

  • Bed preparation and cleanup

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