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Vegetable Gardens

Supporting the symbiotic relationship between human and plant through food.

Over the past 10 years my family has managed a 4- acre lot of old farm land in CT with the objective to grow the highest quality food for our family. My foundational skills with vegetable gardening blossomed into a 1600 sq ft vegetable garden where I personally grow all of our produce from seed, cutting, division, and / or bulb. This included, but not limited to the staple crops like tomatoes, carrots, summer squash, cucumber, swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, sweet corn etc. I've experimented with popcorn, sweet potato, garlic, winter squash, even cotton. I practice mutualistic symbiotic gardening using practices such as intercropping and crop rotation that support healthier plants, higher yielding crops, healthier soil and natural pest control. 

Our fully operational homestead included dairy cows, turkeys, honeybees, meat birds, rabbits and laying chickens providing a beautiful ecosystem within itself and our young family while extending my knowledge base in Permaculture. Everything is grown using organic, Non- GMO, sustainable methods and products. 

Sustainable agriculture is a system I believe in implementing in the global economy beginning here at home and teaching others to implement this for themselves and families. Symbiosis LLC will support putting into place the systems you and your family need on site designed around your "home grown" vision.


What We Do


  • Site analysis and overview of your vision and needs

Design & Installation

  • Vegetable Garden Installation

  • Annual garden planning implementing crop rotation, intercropping with herbs/ flowering annuals & soil conditioning



  • Successive plantings for a continuous supply of your favorite veggies.

  • Cool & warm weather crops rotation

  • Weekly/ Biweekly weeding and fertilizing

  • Pest management

  • Disease management

  • Harvesting & storing

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