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Weaving timeless wisdom used by the ancients with modern technology...

The Golden Caliper was once used by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and many architects upon which some of the most beautiful constructions developed. This simple tool measures the golden section using ratio providing perfect harmony within a composition. Today graphic designers use CAD (computer aided design) tools to assist in a balanced design. In my course Sacred Geometry: Art & Symbolism we use these calipers to learn about the mathematical ratio that was considered so sacred in antiquity. We begin to train our eyes to read it in an environment such as in architecture and art as well as where the ratio is used in nature recognizing the innate relationship between nature and mathematics.

Today, these Golden Calipers are locally commissioned to a 9th grade homeschooler, Sophie Merchant. Using a laser cutter to precisely cut the pieces that make up the Golden Caliper, not only is this modern- day student using state of the art technology to construct an ancient tool but purposefully providing a necessary resource for this online course. In today's academic environment with its emphasis on digital technology having a physical tool created using digital tech seems perfect!!

To learn more about where the calipers are made in this state of the art education- centric facility in Bethel, CT. visit

Accepting students for Sacred Geometry: Art & Symbolism for our next 10- week session beginning March 7th 2022. Sacred Geometry Course | Symbiosis LLC (

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